CoffeeHunter is a small side scrolling game for windows, android and the “web”. CoffeeHunter is an extremely tiny game. You control a “thing”, which I call the “coffee hunter”; it looks like an animal from the sea but scientists from around the world are not so sure.


Screenshot 1


Your goal is to collect coffee beans to survive. If you don’t catch enough coffee beans, your heartbeat will drop to a level where you simply die. That’s the whole game. There’s a highscore display so you have at least a reason to play it again. Or not.


Screenshot 2


I created this tiny game during a vacation and spent quite some time on it. I really underestimated the time I’d need for this. I published this game to the android app store but no one cared. Though it was completely free, didn’t require a single permission on your android device and didn’t even contain these android typical and pesky ads, exactly 0 users have downloaded it. Well, the actual download count was 5 but 3 of these were from myself. The other 2 were from friends who downloaded it out ouf pity (I strongly presume).


Screenshot 3


Everything in the game was made by me; even the “music”. But nothing makes up for the fact that this was and is a bad game.


Filename Link
CoffeeHunter.exe exe
CoffeeHunterSrc.7z source