My first car

An Audi 80 Type89/B3 with the 1.8L JN engine (KE-Jetronic) and a whopping power of 90PS (on paper) was my first car.

Audi 80


Manufactured in 1990 the Audi 80 Type89/B3 was my first car. Bought by my father almost new. He sold it to his dad. Still in good condition. My grandfather drove it until he wasn’t able to do so anymore. I then bought it from him for not so much money.

The Audi started its life in Bottrop, Germany. Then it moved to Wismar, Germany and finally back to Bottrop.

Condition & Reliability

Admitted, the condition wasn’t good anymore. Everything was bad. Seats, brakes, tires, even the engine had its problems. It became just an old car with all its problems.

It was my first car so I did everything to fix all the problems. I even took a side job to earn the required money.

Audi 80

The engine overheated regularly and the reason was a blown head gasket. After this fix I never had any other issue with the engine anymore. In all these years this car only failed on me once.

I was driving it on a very hot summer day and suddenly the engine just turned off. I parked the car and tried to get it on again. But in no way it wanted to start. To save the battery I called for help, but help never arrived as they couldn’t find me. Then after an hour or more I tried to start the engine again. And it did! This problem never occured again. The car probably just wanted me to take a break.

Audi 80

I fitted H&R sport suspensions and a Raid sport type steering wheel. Of course I did, I was young. This Audi had no power steering.

The End?

Audi 80

Some human being decided to not pay attention and almost killed my Audi. But I decided to fix it.

Audi 80

They did a good job taking into account what I have paid them. However, after some years it started to develop rust inside the trunk.

Audi 80


Finally being home I set my little Audi free at a milage of almost 300.000km. I never fixed the broken antenna. The radio worked fine without it.

The lad who bought my car probably just drove it until it broke down.

Poor Audi…R.I.P.